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The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance

What exactly, is The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance?

It’s an internet resource and website which was formed in early 2009 so that any martial art school which structures its main focus on the system known as Kuk·Sool can easily connect to other martial art schools that are also based on Kuk·Sool, regardless of which governing body or martial art organization that the Alliance member may be a part of. The main objective of the Alliance is to encourage and help foster interaction & support among Kuk·Sool martial artists while remaining to be FREE of politics and politicking. Furthermore, it is hoped that any prospective member understands that the rules for membership in The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance are few but non-negotiable.

The connection provided for the various members of The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance, is a loose affiliation based on the concept, “We are all brothers!” This means that should the need ever arise, all martial art schools in the Alliance must honor the transfer of students from other member schools while instituting only reasonable stipulations for cross-system ranking. In this regard, a list of participating martial art schools is necessary, as well as a website which is easy to remember so the public can access it and anyone can view the info about all of the Alliance members. In addition to the acceptance of student transfers, member schools must also demonstrate a willingness to allow visiting students from other member schools to participate in training, provided that doing so won't disrupt the normal operations of the host school. One of the principal goals of The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance is to form a business network that acknowledges the efforts of individuals to progress in the art of Kuk‍-‍Sool despite needing to relocate from where they were when initially starting to learn this remarkable martial art.

It is also the belief of The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance that any martial art school owner who wants to retain absolute control of the underlying business of their school, should be able to do so without having to compromise any martial art aspects of the school’s operation. Martial art ideals adopted by the school should remain distinctly separate from the business aspects of the school. Commingling such concepts only clouds the martial art philosophies that many school owners try to convey to their students. In this end, The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance hopes to provide alternative information resources for any of its members that choose to remain completely autonomous, i.e. the school has asserted its independence by disassociating from a Parent organization that wishes to stifle their business options. Any Alliance members who have chosen this path can seek assistance from our network of affiliated schools by sharing ideas, whether the ideas are business or martial art related. However, it should be noted that sharing information is completely voluntary and is not a mandatory requirement for members of the Alliance. Even if participating in the sharing of ideas, it won’t guarantee that an Alliance member will be able to “get something for nothing” since connecting to another member for information about advanced training or rank advancement won’t prohibit the school being asked from charging a fee for the information it’s willing to share. But the idea is to enable choices, so a martial art school owner who is uncomfortable with accepting lop-sided business agreements will not have to feel pressured into making such a deal, simply to ensure upward progression in rank, status, or knowledge, when working with resources provided by the Alliance’s affiliated schools can get similar results.

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