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To become a member of The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance, all that’s required is to be in business as a martial art school, to have its teachings grounded in the martial art of Kuk-Sool, and to agree to participate in the transfer of students with other affiliates in the Alliance. Student transfers will be based on general martial arts knowledge, developed skills and numbered sets (i.e. forms & techniques) rather than colored belt ranks, as abiding by a standardized curriculum for rank placement will not be a mandatory obligation for Alliance members. The Alliance will not issue certificates of any kind but will merely act as a network of affiliated businesses that will readily acknowledge the efforts of individuals to progress in the art of Kuk·Sool, despite needing to move from where they were located when initially starting to learn this martial art. This should contribute to the appeal perceived by any students or potential students (i.e. the clients of the affiliated martial art schools) so that said students may find these businesses more desirable, as opposed to others which may lack such an affiliation and may not recognize all the hard work which they have already invested in learning Kuk·Sool.

Please fill out the form below to enroll in the Alliance (U.S.A. residents only). Thank You. (non-residents of U.S.A. please scroll down)
(Please supply us with the school address rather than your personal address, however, giving us your personal cell phone number or email is perfectly acceptable.)

** Auxiliary Membership does not require a school name, street address, or phone number but providing such information if you do operate a training facility would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, leaving those fields blank in the form above will fail to function properly and so if wishing to enroll as an Auxiliary Member, it is suggested to write  “VOID”  in any or all of the three form fields mentioned. Auxiliary Members are required to have a minimum of 10 years consistent training in Kuk·Sool.   (read more about Auxiliary Membership on our Announcements Page)

The form above is for schools located in the United States only. If located outside the USA, please use our alternate enrollment form by clicking ontapping the spinning globe directly below.


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