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Alliance Members can post their hosted events here for FREE!

To submit your event info, simply navigate to our sister website, LOMAS (League Of Martial Art Schools) and click the "Enter Here" button, then type the word "event" in the textbox requesting a password and you will be presented with an online form which will supply us with all the pertinent info about your event.

A generic version of our original logo, one which mutes the 5-pointed star and omits the fist & banner, that was not only adopted by L.O.M.A.S. (our sister website), but which can be thought of as representing ALL traditional Korean martial arts, was made into a very handsome lapel pin. We are offering it to anyone who finds such an image appealing yet lacks an identifying symbol of their own, or to anyone who simply wants to show support for the KSGA. The pin is just under an inch in diameter (7/8" to be exact, or roughly 22 mm), and sells for only $5 USD (plus S/H fees). However, anyone ordering 5 pins or more in a single order, is eligible for a discounted price (15% off!).

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The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance graciously offers Auxiliary Memberships with slightly different stipulations than what is required for our Full Membership. The prospective member must still have their training be predominately based in the martial art of Kuk·Sool but will not be required to operate a martial art school or to involve their school if they do run such a business. Understand that this Auxiliary Membership must still benefit the wider Kuk·Sool community and therefore this type of member should have something to offer other members in the area of expertise or knowledge, in lieu of the training facility which the Full Membership entails. Therefore the Auxiliary Membership will not be available to just any Kuk·Sool practitioner, even if they have achieved black-belt status. It would be easy to ask that such prospective members have a minimum rank of 3rd degree black belt but since the Alliance doesn’t dictate any standards for rank gradations, this rather subjective aspect of martial art training will be converted to the number of years which the prospective member has consistently trained in the martial art of Kuk·Sool, and that minimum number has been set at ten (10).

In all fairness, any Full Member who wishes to convert to this other type of membership may do so, provided they meet the requirements. The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance has instituted the “ten years of consistent training” requirement because meaningful contributions are expected and there are plenty of other social networking tools available to those who do not qualify according to these stipulations. It is hoped that by providing more options such as this alternate membership status, that it will draw more Kuk·Sool people to join the Alliance, especially those who have greater influence & knowledge due to the length of time they have dedicated to the martial arts, and specifically to Kuk·Sool. By offering more enrollment options, it may help to bridge objections which might prevent some very prominent martial artists in the world of Kuk·Sool, from participating in our camaraderie. It should also be noted that the Auxiliary Membership which The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance now makes availaible, does not conflict with any rules laid down by some Parent organizations (it’s not really different than participation in other social networking sites found on the internet) and may provide a means in connecting like-minded martial artists.

Come join us, especially if you feel the time is right to be part of a politics‍-‍free organization like The Kuk·Sool Global Alliance.

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